glittery pine cone ornaments for kids

December 15, 2009

We love this vintage book that I found at Goodwill this past summer. Juliet loves the illustrations and the festive feel of the holiday season it portrays.

We have decorated our big tree, our little tree, our mini-tree, and our felt tree. Only four trees, you say? Not NEARLY enough, I know. So today, we decided to decorate another one. This one is really tiny, but perfect for my little crafter to get her hands on.

You've seen these/done one of these before...just take a pinecone (I bought these at the dollar store, so I'm pretty sure they are clean.)

Juliet dumped almost an entire glue bottle onto the top left hand side of the pine cone.

And then she dumped glitter on it, placed sparkly pom poms here and there, and as a finishing touch, squirted some glitter glue globs onto random spots (because it wasn't glittery enough yet.) At this point, I could contain myself no longer and I joined in with the glitter glue application.

I like what we ended up with! After it dried, I attached a ribbon loop to the top and she hung it on our tree.

This picture is kind of blurry, but you get the idea. I just saw the cutest idea on pocketful of posies on how to make a tree stand and star for your glittery pine cone trees--check out her site to see how she fancied hers up!

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Jackie said...

That turned out cute! Thanks for the link!!

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