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December 18, 2009

Last year, I rounded up all our Christmas books (after Christmas was over) and put them in the box with all the other Christmas decorations. We "discovered" them anew Dec. 1st, when we got out all our Christmas things. I thought I would share our home collection of Christmas books. Today, I'll share last year's and tomorrow I'll share the ones we added to our stash this year.

Merry Christmas Baby by Joan Walsh Anglund

This was probably Juliet's favorite last year. It's a board book and it tells the story of one little baby's first Christmas. Even though it was Juliet's SECOND Christmas, she still really got into it.

Christmas is a Birthday by Aline Cunningham (published 1975)

This was Juliet's second favorite. It's special because it belonged to my husband when he was a child. It's a sweet little story about Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the first Christmas told by a little girl who is playing with her own wooden nativity set. Juliet had this one almost memorized last year and would "read" it to us in her sweet little toddler voice. I'll always remember that.

Little Benjamin and the First Christmas by Betty Forell, Illustrated by Betty Wind (1964)

This is another one of my husband Ben's childhood books. This was special to him because the main character share's his name. It's the story of Luke 2:1--18 for children. Juliet and Ben love reading this one together. (Thanks to my mother-in-law for saving these treasures and passing them on to Juliet!)

The Night Before Christmas, Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

This is the classic poem originally illustrated in 1949, but reprinted recently by Barnes and Noble. I found this at Goodwill and snatched it right up. I love reading it with Juliet.

This may be a little late for this year, but Barefooted Blessings has the most adorable free printable Dear Santa envelopes to download. They are available in both Spanish and English!

Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck and Felicia Bond

This is a sweet board book that we got for Juliet's first Christmas. It has a foil star that was very appealing to Juliet.

Christmas Story from Priddy Books

This is another Goodwill Find. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but Juliet loved looking at the pictures of little kids dressed up for the nativity play. I'm not sure we actually read her the words on the pages, but we did point at all the pictures and talk about what they were doing over and over again.

Christmas Carols from Priddy Books

This one came with a CD and I actually bought this new in a store! (A rare occurrence here. ) Juliet learned all the carols and would sing along and turn the pages. She loves song books and this one was especially fun since it came with the CD. We have listened to it a lot this year, too.

The Little Drummer Boy by Dandi, Illustrated by Tammie Speer-Lyon

This was another Goodwill find--Juliet loves the story and there are pieces of the song woven throughout (not the entire song), so we sung it together a lot. I found two that I like much better this year at the library: one illustrated by Kristina Rodanas and the other by Ezra Jack Keats.

What books are in your Christmas collection? Which ones do you enjoy reading year after year?


Cassie said...

My 18 mo. old really loves "where is baby's Christmas present?" and "Counting Christmas" by Karen Katz. He loves all of her lift the flap books.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Great list!! I bought the Christmas Carols book new too, and my son loves it, but I lost the CD between last Christmas and this one :( I'm sure it will reappear in February. We also love an Away in a Manger book illustrated by Thomas Kinkaide that we got this year.

Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the review of Merry Christmas Baby by Joan Walsh Anglund. I will buy a copy today for my Kids

kristie said...

this isn't about christmas, but i saw the joan walsh anglund book in the first photo. i LOVE jwa and thought you might want to see the birthday party i had for my then-3-year-old daughter all around the theme of jwa.

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