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December 17, 2009

I have a thing for gift guides. I really cannot get enough of them. The holiday season is my favorite time for magazines because I get to "shop" all the gift guides. I don't know that I have ever purchased anything I've seen in one, but I just love looking at them all.

So, tomorrow is library day and I have to return the books we've been reading. Usually, I quickly review our favorites from the week, but since it is December, I thought I would try something different.

I am listing the books and an awesome gift inspired by each. Maybe you're still looking for that perfect gift, or maybe like me, you just like window shopping.

We LOVE Donald Crews (especiallly School Bus) and have not been disappointed yet. This is the tale of a big, red semi-truck. Bright images, plenty of street signs, and wonderfully, winding roads, made this a fun read for us.

I found this adorable apple toy semi-truck that I thought would go perfectly with the story.

Another really fun book by an author who has yet to disappoint us. This is the story of little Carlos who ventures out into the cloud forest with his palm leaf umbrella. He is on the search for some exotic South American rainforest animals, but ends up missing out on them all. The animals all find their way into his umbrella and have a wild adventure together.

So this is not a palm leaf umbrella, but it is a really cute lily pad leaf umbrella. In the story, the frog is the first to hop into the umbrella and also the last to enjoy it as well. I thought the lily pad umbrella was fitting and insanely cute!

What can I say? I love Eric Carle so much. This book was so amazing--Juliet loved watching little cloud take on different shapes from airplanes to sharks to clowns. It's beautiful and imaginative--just like all his other books.

I looked and looked but could not find any cloud-related toys or objects that were worth mentioning. But I did stumble upon this Eric Carle how-to book on collages. You can make a collage: how to book includes papers and instructions on how to make your own Eric Carle-inspired art. I think it looks like a wonderful gift for a little artist.

[I did find this great how to how to paint cloud shapes mural idea, though.]

Bruna by Anne Cottringer, Illustrated by Gillian McClure

This was a surprise hit with us. We've never read anything by the author, but both of us fell in love with the book. Bruna, the little girl is always cold--she sleeps under a pile of 18 blankets!! Eventually, she warms up after making a friend in Ursa the bear. It's a charming book about the beauty of friendship.

Inspired by Bruna's pile of 18 blankets, I went hunting for beautiful bedcovers. I think this reversible blanket is particularly whimsical, fun, and perfectly suited for the Christmas season.

I hope you found some good book ideas and enjoyed looking at my gift guide. Do you have any guides I should check out? Any good books to recommend?


Annie said...

What a great post! I love Eric Carle so much!
And Lizzie adores her umbrella, we will have to check out that book for sure.
Have a wonderful week!

Ana said...

I love that book and the umbrella!!!!

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