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December 30, 2009

My Chair by Betsy James, Illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma

I stumbled across an amazing author this week! We checked out two titles by Betsy James and loved both.

This one is a tribute to chairs and all the wonderful things they do for us. Told by several different children, the story highlights various chairs and the way each child's imagination transforms it into something more.

Lawn chairs become birds, overstuffed chairs become people-eating monsters, wooden chairs become forts, etc. There's even a mention of a time-out chair where one child "considers what's fair."

I like the part that reads, "Underneath my chair is a place where grownups aren't. Underneath my chair are all the caves in the world, all the darkness, and the safest treasure. When the world is too big, my chair is just right."

The illustrations are just as delightful as the text--Juliet loved this book. Which is to be expected as we (me) are great fans of chairs. (It's a little crazy, but she has four kid's sized chairs in our house. My husband describes my addiction to tiny furniture as a "bit of a chair problem." I think there are worse things that I could be addicted to...)

If you are ever giving a child a chair as a gift, this book would be perfect to go along with it! Here are a few cute chairs I found...(because I just can't stop looking for them!)

from Target

from Target

from someplace really expensive! Just included it because it was too cute to pass up!
Which one do you like the best?

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Chels said...

What a fun topic (and addiction)! I was just thinking of getting my daughter a good comfy sitting thing- possibly a chair- for her room because she loves to read and write. We'll have to look for this author too!

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