12 days of christmas homemade ornament (10 pipers)

December 11, 2009

[illustration from Brian Wildsmith's 12 Days of Christmas]

10 pipers piping

We cut some drinking straws down to a reasonable size.

We got out some glitter and within 0.5 seconds, Juliet had it EVERYWHERE! It was on the table, on her shirt, in her hair....we're still cleaning it out.

After getting the glitter somewhat under control, she rolled the straws in glue first, and then followed by rolling the sticky straw in the glitter.

I hot-glued some ribbon inside the straw to make the hanger.

We placed them on this tray to dry....

And then we hung them on our tree!

These were easy and fun, but really messy. I'm not sure if I would do the glitter on the straws again because it didn't really stick that well. But it looks good, so we were happy about that.


Sandra said...

When my son, Laszlo, was Juliet's age, his favorite thing was those squeeze tubes of glitter glue. Lots of fun, but you're right -- they're such a mess! I bet he'd still like them (he's 6 now). They're something ageless about glitter, isn't there?

Your tree must be looking incredible by now... Have you posted any pictures of the entire tree, or are you going to wait until it's finished?

Thanks for sharing this really cool project.

Swati said...

Have an idea about glitter straws that might be slightly less messy, er, sticky. Cut straws a bit longer than you need, pour diluted white glue through it, or suck it part way before cutting - whichever you do, it'll be your job. Then get a funnel into the straw, hold it while teeny tot pours glitter into it. Remove funnel, lift straw to get rid of the extra glitter, gently roll it to coat evenly inside. Let dry.

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