12 days of christmas homemade ornament (six geese-a-laying)

December 7, 2009

(illustration from Brian Wildsmith's 12 Days of Christmas)

For the 6th day of Christmas (6 geese-a-laying), I decided to NOT make yet another set of bird ornaments and instead go for a more symbolic choice--just the eggs. They represent the geese and the "a-laying" portion of this song.

I glued some felt to a cereal box and cut out some egg shapes. I had some black cardboard from a shipping envelope, so I cut a few egg shapes from that as well.

I placed all of the supplies in a little egg carton and let Juliet have free reign over how she wanted to decorate the eggs. I thought she would go nuts and create a big, messy masterpiece with glitter, jewels and sequins everywhere (like she did with the turtledoves), but no. She spent a whole 2 minutes on these and came up with this:

Simple and elegant. Just ONE sequin or jewel per egg. And then she declared that they "were all done now." I asked if she wanted to add a little more and she said no. So we let them dry and then hung them up in all their minimalist splendor.

Very chic, don't you think?

Do you have any alternative ideas for this project? How would you make the "six geese-a-laying?"

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love her simple yet elegant sense of style. :) I think this was a super idea for the 6th day! How fun to have all the materials in an egg carton too!

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