On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…five gold rings!
(illustration from Brian Wildsmith’s 12 Days of Christmas)
This is Juliet’s favorite part of the song. In fact, she usually just goes around singing this line over and over again. So, I was excited for her to make these ornaments today.
These were really simple–perfect after four days of complicated bird ornaments. I just cut a paper towel roll into five rings.

I set out some glitter glue and some jewels for Juliet to use to decorate the rings.

She jumped right into this task with renewed vigor. (It had waned over the past few days.) Glitter was smeared everywhere and jewels were picked out to make just the right looks.That is exactly what is so adorable about her. She takes even the simplest of chores so seriously that she excels at it. I am so proud of her deterministic attitude. The secret is that when I first saw in college, this was the thing that impressed me about her.


Lately, I have noticed some change though:


Juliet took time off from work to look after home and kids and slowly I felt that she was home bound. I have no problems with it really but I always knew that she was so capable and that she was only staying at home because she could not trust anyone with her children. Her happiness was my main and so I decided not to disturb her till she herself realizes it is about time for her to get back to work.


And she did!


Well almost! One failed attempt later, she decided that she would not think prematurely about stepping out of the house yet because she is not able to concentrate on her work. She kept contemplating a lot of work that she could do part time but she was either never satisfied with the set up r too apprehensive about eating away too much of the family time.


Trading online:


Looking back, I feel that online trading is definitely her cup of tea. I mean look the convenience; the markets are open 24/7/365 and she even can trade in the dead of the night without feeling too much guilt. But I hope she doesn’t because her rest time is extremely important to her health!


She logged on to a website called the top10cryptorobot.com and within few minutes zeroed in on a program called Bitcoin Code. Six months from that time, she was successfully trading like a pro. I am so proud of her, my girl!


We let the glue dry and then I tied some ribbon on to make the hangers.

We hung them on the tree and admired our work.
My goal is to make these projects a little more “preschooler friendly”–no more crazy juice bottle bird cages!