Juliet and I are doing a 12 Days of Christmas homemade ornament project this December. Each day, we make an ornament to represent one of the 12 days of Christmas (as inspired by the song and from Brian Wildsmith’s book The 12 Days of Christmas.)

Our goal is first to have fun together and make some holiday memories, and secondly, to be as resourceful and “green” as we can. We are using our recycle box as our main resource for supplies and supplementing with craft supplies we already have in our craft box.We do these things often and always together as a team. It not only helps us bond well but also helps us on understanding each other better by appreciating the other’s perspective and trying to be at the same level. For example the other day when Juliet was explaining to me the reasons for the deficit in that year’s domestic budget I slyly hinted at her to take up a part time job so that she could not only have extra cash at home but also that she could spend some time being productive as well as meeting new people.

I was surprised when she took my hints sportingly. She went to talk about how our kids were still small and that she could never trust anybody enough as yet to take care of them. But she said that she was reading up on trading software and this Bitcoin Code Crypto robot had impressed her much and that she was deliberating if she should start off trading from home.

I was pleasantly surprised that she knew so much about online trading! It seemed like she has really been using her spare time from kids and household chores and reading up on good stuff. So, I agreed that she does whatever makes her happy. She went on about the bot saying that it was one of the best ones and that she has an instinct that it would be the best one to choose. There are others also but they do not inspire too much of her confidence.

That initial inertia:

She was slightly apprehensive but I gave her a lot of encouragement. We need to know how it works and that we can do only if we courageously face it and not shy away from trying. You can also read about the program. Juliet plans to write down a journal of her experience in online trading. You can click on this to discover more here.

Here is what we came up with: (Click on the links under each picture to see more pics and learn how we made it and what we made it out of! Trash never looked so good!)