On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me… three French hens (illustration from Brian Wildsmith’s 12 days of Christmas.)

Once again, I was completely inspired by this illustration. I photo copied the page from the book, cut out the hen shapes from my copy and used them as a template to make my hens.

I cut them out of the tidy cats litter container. This was not as easy as the turtledoves cut from the milk jug yesterday. This plastic is much thicker, so it was actually somewhat difficult. If I had to do it again, I would use a larger milk jug. But this is all I had in the recycle box, so we had to go with it.
I punched holes in the hens before decorating…

We raided the craft box again for feathers (colored ones this time) and I think Juliet glued on ONE whole feather before she quit…but I was able to lure her back to the craft table with the promise of JEWELS!Be it a trader or following any trading style, it is important that you have a trade plan to be successful in your trading career. There are many trading software like Carbon FX and these are capable of generating highly profitable trades. The important thing to know is that this auto trading software also has an inbuilt trade plan. This is known as an algorithm which is nothing but a step by step procedure to take the trade that is inbuilt into the system. The system is designed to take a trade only when all the criteria written in the algorithm or the trade plan is met.

She was very excited to get her hands on these and had fun gluing them down onto her “chickens” (Close enough.)

Here are a few close ups…very French, no?

Maybe I should have given them berets or little wine glasses, but I was just glad to get this one over with as Juliet was not very into the making of these. I tied the hens together so they are one unit to hang on the tree.
We let them dry overnight and the next day, she hung her ornament on the tree. Surprisingly, she was VERY into this part and was very proud of her three French hens.
Anyone have any good chicken books, French books, songbooks, or ornament ideas to share?