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November 21, 2009

Okay, I am really late with this...

A few weeks ago, Katy @ A Few More Pages tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger Award! The winners are instructed to list seven of their favorite things, and then send the award on to seven other bloggers.

So, here goes!

1. the sound of my daughter's laughter
2. sunny days
3. warm blankets on cold nights
4. vintage kids books
5. strawberries
6. the beach at night
7. spring gardens

And now I am passing the award onto seven bloggers who I have been enjoying a lot lately:

Check out their blogs for more creative learning activities for preschoolers. Thanks again, Katy for the award!


Zoe said...

Oh wow! Thank you *so* much Vanessa :-) You've made my day! And the other blogs you've awarded the prize to look great - have just had one look around and am now off for another one.
Are you near a beach you can go to at night? We're about as far away as you can get from a beach anywhere in the UK where we are :-(

The Activity Mom said...

Great list! =) Thanks so much for the award! I enjoy your blog as well!

Lady of Letters said...

Just noticed that you did something new with your blog looks great!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Thank you, Vanessa, this is so sweet. You have such a great blog, I always look forward to reading your posts! I also think the new look is great!

Katy said...

I love the new look at your blog! :)

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