never tease a weasel

November 12, 2009

From our home library:

This is one of my very favorite books to read with Juliet. I found it at Goodwill when she was just a tiny baby, but knew it would be fun to read when she got older. It's funny and beautiful at the same time. The perfect combination.

Never Tease a Weasel by Jean Conder Soule, Illustrated by Denman Hampson
published in 1964 by Parents' Magazine Press

The story follows the same pattern throughout: It describes things you can do, like "give a pig a wig in a dainty shade of pink." (pictured above) But it insists that you NEVER tease a weasel because, well, it's just not nice.
"But never tease a weasel; This is very good advice. A weasel will not like it and teasing isn't nice!" Every time I read this phrase (it's repeated several times throughout), I raise my voice and sound just the slightest bit crazed, and Juliet laughs hysterically. It's our favorite part.

Here's a moose sipping on some juice. Very intriguing to a juice-obsessed toddler.

I think the illustrations are amazing. Don't you love this party-hat wearing duck? I apologize in advance for all the pictures in this post...I just love this book so much that I got a little carried away with the camera. To make up for it, I'll keep my comments brief!

A skunk with a case of Spanish lace...

A jolly collie

perky turkey

fox with socks

kitten with mittens

Here are the children who have been teasing the poor weasel throughout the entire book. They've finally learned that "it's more fun to please a weasel and be friends with him instead."
If you find this book at a second-hand store, be sure to pick it up! You'll be glad you did.

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