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November 28, 2009

So, one of my readers, Julie (you may remember her from the pumpkin pancakes post), is always sending me amazing activity ideas and pictures of what she and her daughter do together.

Since she doesn't have a blog (I keep telling her to start one!), she has graciously let me post her ideas on mine. This is one of those great ideas that I thought you might enjoy.

Since her daughter is a big fan of Thomas the Train (Juliet is also a HUGE fan), she decided to make her own Thomas the train toys using easy to find materials. She divided this activity into two days.

Day 1 {painting the tanks}

Newspapers to cover work area
Paint shirt
Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Tubes
Clip Clothes pins, for holding the tubes while painting

1. Cut tubes to desired size.
2. Clip clothespins on edges to keep your fingers from getting painted on.
3. Paint tubes according to character.
4. Let dry a day or two.

Day Two: {finishing the details}

Newspapers to cover work area
Silver duct tape (wide)
Thin electrical tape, BLACK & RED
Fine tip Black Sharpie
Scissors (for adult)
Circle stickers (or paper circles) various colors
Clear tape
Empty toothpaste boxes, or something similar in size
Old caps from dried out markers
Small yellow paper squares, for numbers on either side of train
Glue (and brush if needed)

1. Attach a piece of silver duct tape to one end of tube
2. Wrap edges of black electrical tape around silver tape until you have a black band measuring about an inch
3. Draw face on silver tape.
4. Write character's name inside tube on end (just in case you forget!)
5. Cut toothpaste box to match size of tube and tear it apart. Then tape it inside out to make a white box.
5. Staple box to tube, being careful to keep the face right side up!
6. Wrap 3 sides of the box with red electrical tape.
7. Cut and add circles for wheels on toothpaste box. (cover with clear tape so they don't fall off!)
8. Poke a hole in the top of the black area of tube, slide in old marker cap and use black tape to secure.
9. Add the character's number to the side, write the number on the yellow square, and glue to the side.

Aren't they cute? I love how she created them out of old packaging and tape. So resourceful!

Being the pancake goddess that she is, she also sent me a pic of the train pancakes she whipped up for her daughter:

Juliet must never find out that some mothers make such things for their kids!!!

Two of our favorite train books are Inside Freight Train by Donald Crews and The Little Red Caboose by Marian Potter.

Do you have any favorite train books to share? Or any great activity ideas? Feel free to email me what you have been doing or leave a link to your post in the comment section. I love sharing great ideas!


Zoe said...

Vanessa! Where do you find the time to write so many great blog posts?! This is another great one - thank you Julie :-) My younger daughter is CRAZY about Thomas so I'm sure we'll be doing this over Christmas!

Katy said...

Wonderful ideas! Thomas the Train is big at our house too. My kids will probably be totally excited to try that craft idea!

I blogged about two train books that we love at our house a couple of weeks ago here--I think my favorite train series to read to them is The Little Red Train series by Benedict Blathwayt.

Adriana said...

Wow your friend is VERY talented!

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