madeline's rescue

November 6, 2009

Another Madeline book to add to our list of favorites! Juliet is obsessed with Madeline, so really any of the Madeline books are good choices to her, but I found this one to be particularly good as well.

As usual, there is some sort of scary incident (like the appendicitis in the first book)--in this one, Madeline falls into the Seine river and almost drowns except that she is rescued by a quick-thinking dog! He drags her "safe from a watery grave" and is brought home to the house covered in vines to live with the 12 little girls.

They name her Genevieve. (I love this name.)

The owners of the house come by one day and say that Genevieve is not allowed to live there--which results in the poor pup being banished and "lost" for a few hours. But later, she is found, brought home where she belongs (with the girls) and has puppies--one for each little girl. The perfect ending (in our pet-loving opinion).


Brimful Curiosities said...

There are several giveaways going on right now for a talking Madeline doll:

Chels said...

Madeline really is a fun book character! Have you signed up for the Madeline Fan Club?

vanessa said...

thanks for the links! I joined the Madeline Fan Club!

Ana said...

I absolutely love Madeline!!!! Thank you for sharing, this is amazing!!!... I'm so not lucky with giveaways and I never try but this time I'm giving it a try! hehe

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