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November 27, 2009

Activity Idea:

After reading Water Voices today, I asked Juliet, "Who am I?" just to see what she would do. She looked at me, thought for a minute and said, "Who am I? I'm a butterfly! Want to flap your wings with me?" And then she started flapping her arms like wings.

I asked her again, "Who am I?" And she said, "Who am I? I'm a grasshopper! Want to hop with me? Hop! Hop! Hop!" And then she started hopping around.

Realizing that she had bought into the game, I kept asking "Who am I? And she kept responding by repeating the phrase and then choosing an animal to imitate. We played this for about five minutes before moving onto something else, but it was fun while it lasted.

The book features several different riddle-poems that describe a form of water (like a sprinkler spray, dew, an ocean wave, etc.) and asks, "Who am I?" before revealing the answer. Although, Juliet didn't pretend to be any of the water forms mentioned in the book, she still was able to play along and made it into her own version of a "Who am I?" riddle.

You could mix it up by pretending to be something and giving your child clues about it and then ask, "Who am I?" Or do like we did and just let your child make her own riddles.

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Zoe said...

What a lovely game Juliet! With the amount of rain forecast here for the weekend, this book sounds like it might be just right for us :-)

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