from our home library: vintage princess book {sleeping beauty}

November 19, 2009

I don't know about you, but I love fairy tales. As a child, I remember having a huge collection of the Grimm's Brother's Fairy Tales. I would read through that book over and over again. I loved all the Disney versions, too. My very favorite has always been Sleeping Beauty. Maybe because it was the first movie I saw in a theater, I really don't know, but for some reason , it captured my heart. In fact, if it didn't go so poorly with our last name, I would have named Juliet "Aurora" for sure. It has always been at the top of my baby name list.

Ever since Juliet was born, I have been looking forward to reading fairy tales with her. However, the subject matter is really intense and scary is most of them, so we are waiting till she is older. She just recently became aware of the Disney Princesses (she loves them all thanks to a Princess Dance Camp she participated in this summer.) It's amazing how quickly she picked up on all their names even though she has never seen any of the movies or even read any of the books except Cinderella. They really ARE magical.

Even though, the Disney versions are much tamer than the originals, they are still pretty scary at times. They all have a fierce villain--the most frightening is the one from Sleeping Beauty, in my opinion. I used to have nightmares about that lady with horns--in fact, she still kind of creeps me out.

Anyways, I was delighted to discover this beautiful, TAME, toddler-friendly (I promise!) version of my favorite fairy tale. I found it at goodwill and had to have it for it's illustrations. I only read the text once I got home and was so excited to see that it was perfect for a two-year-old who really needs a princess fix. (Juliet asks me at least once a day if she can watch Aladdin. So far, I have managed to stay strong, but one day, she may just wear me down...)

The Sleeping Beauty in the Forest, Illustrated by Jose Luis Lopez
"Once upon a time there was an ancient kingdom where all was peace and calm. Here amid universal rejoicing a little princess was born."
You know the's the evil fairy who didn't get invited to meet the new princess. (See? I told you she wasn't scary at all! This is SO much better than crazy horn woman from the Disney version.)
Here the little princess is picking flowers, but she strays from her "mummy" and wanders into a room where she finds the enchanted spinning wheel. She pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep.
But, of course, a prince comes to save her. "Gallantly, yet sadly, he gently kissed her hurt finger." (Isn't that great for a toddler? A boo-boo that needs to be kissed to make it all better--so age-appropriate.)
She wakes up and they ride together back to the castle as quickly as they can.
Instead of getting married to the prince, the princess has a party with her parents. "The rejoicing and merriment was great. They had a wonderful party and they all lived happily ever after." Who needs a wedding to make it happily ever after? This book is even politically correct! I can read the ending without offending my modern woman sensibilities!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any more info about the book. It doesn't have a publication date, so I am not sure of it's age. I just know that the pages appear pretty old and the language itself seems to be from a time gone by.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale? Any good princess books you can recommend? I'd also love any information anyone has about this book or it's illustrator!

If you are looking for more toddler-friendly princess books, here's a link to my previous post on princess books for young children.


Katy said...

I love the art on this book! It sounds like you found a rare old edition. :)

Debbie said...

What a beautiful Book! I love old, vintage books myself. I have two full sets of vintage books that have so many stories in them that someday Selena will enjoy reading them all. I know my kids and I sure enjoyed them.

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