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November 23, 2009

What we are reading this week: library books

Juliet has been ready for Christmas since before Halloween. Every day she asks me, "Is it Christmas yet?" And every day I tell her, "We have to have Thanksgiving first!!" And even though, we HAVEN'T had Thanksgiving yet, it's only a week till December, so I caved in and got some Christmas books from the library. We found some good ones--especially the songbooks.

We Three Kings Illustrated by Olga Zharkova

If you love this song, you will enjoy singing it along with the pages in this book. The illustrations are collages of torn paper--Juliet really enjoyed looking at all the details and finding and pointing out the star on each page. The manger scene shows Mary, Jesus, the kings, and the shepherds, but no Joseph. Juliet immediately inquired about his whereabouts. I said I didn't know where he went and then asked where she thought he might be. She said, "Probably at Rita's. Getting ice cream." Sounds good to me.

The Little Drummer Boy Illustrated by Kristina Rodanas

Such a fun song to sing aloud--Juliet loves the pa-rum-pa-pum-pum part. The illustrations were beautiful and engaging. I like how it showed the stable as a hut made out of branches--it was different than the usual wooden stable image.
Brian Wildsmith's The Twelve Days of Christmas, published 1972

This was MY favorite find of the week. The illustrations are simply incredible. Each page is a work of art. This is one I would love to have in our personal collection. We would use it year after year.

The Twelve Days of Christmas illustrated by Hilary Knight

We got a double dose of this song this week, but it's a fun one, so I didn't mind. The illustrations in this one are of bears--Benjamin brings his true love Bedelia all the gifts mentioned in the song. It's cute and fun and perfect for preschoolers. Juliet loved seeing the gifts pile up in Bedelia's home. Since we sang this one so much, she learned the words pretty quickly--as we were driving around one day this week, I smiled to myself as I heard a little voice sing out, "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!!" over and over again.

The Three Bears Christmas by Kathy Duval, Illustrated by Paul Meisel

This is the classic Three Bears story with Santa breaking and entering their house instead of Goldilocks. Juliet LOVED it. Someone nibbled the gingerbread, sat in a chair, and was sleeping in their beds, but he makes up for it by leaving a bunch of Christmas presents around the tree.

Mother Hubbard's Christmas by John O'Brien

We love Mother Goose, so this was a fun find for us. It's the familiar story retold with a Christmas twist. For example, "Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bite. But when she came there, the cupboard was bare, so the dog sang Silent Night." It made us laugh--especially the last page, "The dame made a curtsy. The dog made a bow. The dame said, Your servant." And the dog said, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" (He's making a bow out of ribbon, so it rhymes with Ho! Ho! Ho!)

What are your favorite Christmas books to read together? Let me know, we still have time to check out more!


Our Cozy Little Book Corner said...

great books our fave book is The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado ( it will be used for my book and activity a day for christmas post for sure! :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

My daughter likes "Olive, the other reindeer"

Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing such great book ideas. I always check my library for your picks, Thanks

Chels said...

I found 3 at my library! Thanks for the recommendations! I shouldn't have waited until December to find Christmas books. I had to request 2 of them because they're all checked out!

Chels said...

The Hilary Knight book on this list wasn't at my library but I did find and check out her book, 'A Firefly in a Fir Tree: A Carol for Mice' and highly recommend it. Very cute and I bet Julia would love it!

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