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November 17, 2009

It all started with this. I saw it at Pottery Barn Kids last week and I can't stop thinking about it.

It's a Thanksgiving Count-down Calendar. What do you put in the pockets, you ask? Little slips of paper with "I'm thankful for..." messages inside.

Of course, it is too late for me to attempt to make my own for this year, but maybe if I start working on next years, I can have a good one for us to use then.

I've seen so many good Thanksgiving Craft ideas out there that I decided to make a list of ones for Juliet and I to make together next year. If you are in need of any last-minute Thanksgiving Craft ideas, maybe you'll find some inspiration here. (Click through for more images and instructions at the listed sites).

{looks delicious and fairly uncomplicated}

{Cute and easy--we might even get this one in this year!}

{great use for an old sock and glove}

{the feathers are made out of junk mail!}

{if you get tired of turkeys, give the Mayflower a try!}

{I love the idea of using fruit-shaped candy and bugles to make mini cornucopias!}

{In Heaven, all turkeys look like this (according to Juliet)}

{I JUST threw away a broken paddle ball game last week. Now I am wishing I still had it!}

{More uses for my pile of old socks}

{This is plan B if the pottery barn thankful pocket thing doesn't work out! I think he is pretty cute and I could definitely make him by next November.}

Okay, so I know that is 10, but here are some links to a few others that are REALLY cute:

Danielle's Place for fall and thanksgiving crafts: (This is a big list, so you have to scroll down to find these two crafts:)
Tee-pee place holders
Craft Stick Turkeys

beautiful handmade felt food tutorials including a turkey dinner--perfect for thanksgiving!

I'm linking up to out her site for more great top ten lists--and if you missed her The Best Advent Calendars EVER from last Tuesday, you need to check it out. It's amazing!


Blondie said...

Love it!!! Thanks - I've bookmarked it!

The Activity Mom said...

I like that Thanksgiving countdown calendar too! It doesn't look too hard to make but I don't even know where to start. I think it would be neat each year to keep all of the papers that list what we are thankful for in a scrapbook or something.

Adriana said...

Thank you so much for sharing that list! I have started a folder of Thanksgiving ideas for next year too. There just is not enough time to get to all of them.

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

Fun list!! I saw #10 on tip junkie this am & thought it was adorable!! I need to copy #1 for my son's lunches this week ... cute idea!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Great ideas! I will have to keep these in mind. I *think* I have enough activities to get us through this month, but you never know! Unexpected rainy days always call for more crafts!

Thanks for sharing!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So much fun! I love your list! My goal would be to try 1- ONE- for my kids. If I got there it would be huge! :) They are big into moving and destroying things and not so big on crafts, but maybe one day I will have a little girl who is a smidge calmer. Maybe... =)

Krista said...

Super cute ideas and SUPER ambitious! I have a fun Thanksgiving craft on my blog (from a couple days ago) you should come over and check it out, maybe it will be added to your "to do" list! Great list, thanks for sharing!

Leah McKinney said...

So we made the #10 turkey and he turned out pretty cute. Ours was a little top heavy, so we added some feet to hold him up. Also, those big styrphone balls cost $20 each.. so we made a 8" turkey and he turned out just fine. Thanks for the fun idea!

Our Cozy Little Book Corner said...

great blog! I'm a follower now so i don't miss anything!:)

I love Danielle's Place! I'm running a giveaway right now 1 reader of my blog will win a year subscription to Danielle's Place if you interested hop on over.

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