25 cent library finds

November 27, 2009

Beach Day by Fran Manushkin, Illustrated by Kathy Wilburn

Bellybutton of the Moon and other Summer Poems by Francisco X. Alarcon, Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzales

I get excited by my 25 cent library finds--where else can you get a book for so cheap? Our library has a cart right by the door--I make a point of checking it every time we go. Sometimes, there is nothing, but more often than not, we find something good. And even if it is not so good (like a huge Music-playing Disney Little Mermaid Monstrosity) we sometimes still buy it because, hey, it's only 25 cents! (That Little Mermaid book would have cost at least 10 bucks in a store.)

So, this week, I found two good ones. I'm really excited about A Little Golden Book called Beach Day by Fran Manushkin, Illustrated by Kathy Wilburn. Beach books are probably my favorites after bedtime books. This one details a fun-filled day in which a father, mother, and little girl head to the beach for the day.

My favorite part is when the daddy says to his daughter, "Let's take a walk, little mermaid" as they go on a walk while mama gets a little sunbathing time on the blanket. (Sounds like a good deal to me!) When they return, he bows charmingly to his wife as he offers her the sea shells he's found on their beach walk.

When they get home, Mama sings the haunting lullaby, All the Pretty Little Horses, (one of our favorites from our lullaby book) before putting her daughter to bed. Juliet likes that I sing it at this point in the book. Daddy carries her upstairs and says, "Good night, golden mermaid." It's beautiful. And it since this family has the exact same make-up of our family (mother, father, daughter), we love it even more.

The second book we got is called Bellybutton of the Moon and other Summer Poems by Francisco X. Alarcon, Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzales. It's a collection of poems in both Spanish and English. So far, I have only read the English ones aloud...maybe I'll save the Spanish ones for when my mom comes over. Juliet seemed to like it--she especially liked that it was called bellybutton of the moon. Belly buttons are always intriguing to a two-year old. The poems are about Mexico and the illustrations remind me of Diego Rivera.

Anyone else found any good books lately?


Ana said...

Such a blessing... we cannot find those here :( can't wait to get Emma some books through amazon, we've been reading the same little books all over again. Nice finds Vanessa!

Zoe said...

We love library sales too and at the risk of shocking some book lovers what we sometimes do with library sales is buy them for cutting up... M and J love cutting, sticking and gluing and using illustrations esp from non fictionbooks is something they love. This way even the books I don't think are great find a good use!

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