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October 26, 2009

Good morning! Here are the books we are reading this week. I'm linking up to What My Child is Reading this Week at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns--check her site out for more good book suggestions.

For Your Little Pet Lover

Fabian Escapes by Peter McCarty

You've heard me go on and on about the first book in this series Hondo and Fabian, so I won't repeat myself too much, but let's just say I REALLY love that book. We saw this one on the shelf this week and had to grab it. It is very similar in style to the first story only this time Fabian the cat has an adventure out of the house while Hondo stays inside to be the little girl's playpal.
A Counting Book for Bug Enthusiasts

Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward, Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler

This is based on the traditional song "Over in the Meadow." (I don't know the tune, but apparently you can sing this book...if only you know the tune.) We LOVE Ezra Jack Keats version of this song/book--it's part of our home library and we read it over and over again. This one (Ward's version) is a bug version beginning with a praying mantis and ending with fireflies. There is a hidden number on each page that was exciting, but a little over Juliet's head at this point. She could only find two of the numbers and even I had to look a little before spotting them. However, the book is good even if you can't find the numbers--the text and illustrations are fully accessible to younger children.

A Sweet Bedtime Book

Peter, Good Night by Alison Weir, Illustrated by Deborah Kogan Ray

It's easy to pass up these older, less flashy-looking books at the library. You know the ones I am talking about--they are sort of faded and old looking, the cover is not bright and glossy with fabulous fonts popping out at you. But, every time I pick one up, I am pleasantly surprised to find a charming and beautiful story. This is one of those books that I almost passed up, but am so glad I didn't. Peter is snuggled up in bed and as he is falling asleep, the stars, moon, wind, and other aspects of the natural world bid him good night. The last page says, "A breeze blew softly. "Good Night," the breeze rippled. "May your night be happy and your sleep be sweet." And it was." The illustrations were especially delicate and lovely. We really enjoyed it.

A Silly Book Good for Giggles

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash by Sarah Weeks, Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Wescott

On Monday, Mrs. McNosh does her laundry in a big barrel. Then she hangs it all up to dry. We don't hang out clothes up outside, so this was fascinating to Juliet. Then it gets a little silly and she hangs up the newspaper, the dog, his dish, and bone, etc...The illustrations are bright and engaging and the text is fun to read aloud. I'm going to work on a clothespin activity for this one. Look for it later in the week.

Two More Beach Books

One Wish by Frances Wolfe

I posted a "best beach book list" the other day and have just found two more titles to add to the list. The thing I like most about these books is the illustrations. You can kind of get a feel for their style by looking at the covers. One Wish tells the story of a girl who wishes for a cottage by the sea. She describes what her life would be like at the cottage and in the final pages, you see her as an old woman sitting on the front porch of her cottage. I'm not sure Juliet caught on that the little girl and the old woman were the same person, but it was still a good read for us.

Where I Live by Frances Wolfe

This one is a description of life at the seaside. Juliet loves the page where the little girl's feet are submerged in the ocean and she is reaching down to pick up some sort of sea creature. It's quite lovely and good as a bedtime book as well.

Happy Reading!


Zoe said...

Hi Vanessa,
So glad you found my blog as now I've found yours! And I've already put a link to it on my links page as I know I'm going to be returning here often. If you enter my giveaway you could win A house is a house for me (the tipi related book!) - you've got nothing to lose! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Playing by the book

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash looks so cute!
Thanks for leaving me a comment and following my blog!

whisperingwhispers said...

All your books are great, we've read a few of them. We haven't read Where I live or One Wish, so those will definately go on my wish list for the library. Along with the books you recommended in your comment at my site. Thank you for following me, and I am looking forward to followng you to see what other great books you are reading!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

These books all look so good, and I don't think I've heard of any of them (before now). The Bug counting book will definitely be on our list and Peter, Good Night too. Thanks for the suggestions!

Ana said...

Your blog is so beautiful, my 15 month old daughter and I love books, this blog is such an inspiration. Blessings

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thank you for linking to me. I love discovering new books and new blogs. All of your books are new to me, and I will put a few on them on my reading list.

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