vintage book that teaches time for preschoolers

November 25, 2009

From our home library

Here's another vintage selection from our home library. I found it at our local goodwill--it is obviously from "a time gone by," but it doesn't have a publication date inside.

Is It Time for the Party? Learning About Minutes and Hours A Hallmark Play Time Book

The illustrations are beautiful and the story is surprisingly engaging. Juliet loves to have us read this one to her. I picked it up for its illustrations and because it has a clock with movable plastic hands. I thought Juliet would enjoy a "hands-on" (no pun intended) experience in learning how to tell time. Not surprisingly, she loves it. I think any pre-schooler loves a toy that she can get her hands on and "do it myself."

The overall storyline is of a little girl named "Debbie" (further proof that this is a vintage book) who keeps asking her mother "Is it time for my birthday party yet?" Her mother keeps telling her, no, and then tells her what time it actually is. She tells Debbie that her party will be tomorrow at 3 o'clock tomorrow. Then she explains how she can look at the big and little hands to tell what time it is right now.

Juliet loves turning the clock hands every time the mother tells Debbie what time it is. The clock is very sturdy as it has survived many a mangling and bending sessions with Juliet.

The book ends with Debbie's birthday party and her final gift is a box with a watch of her very own inside of it. Upon opening the box and seeing her gift, Debbie says, "Oh, thank you, Mother. Now I'll always know what time it is. This has been my best birthday ever. And just think--this time next year I'll be having another one!"

I can't say that Juliet knows how to tell time yet, but she does know that she has a birthday coming up in a few months. I think this book has helped build up anticipation to her big day. She likes to ask us, "Is it going to be my birthday tomorrow?"

Do you have any favorite birthday or time-themed books to share? Leave a comment and let me know! I'm working on a post that features birthday parties in children's books, so let me know if you have any in mind!


Ana said...

I love vintage books and that one is just precious, great header Vannessa! love it♥

Debbie said...

I love this book already. Never heard of it but it looks like a very good find.

Of course I would love it since the little girl shares my name. As you described the book I couldn't help but reflect back to when I was learning to tell time!

Playing by the book said...

A birthday themed book I've read recently is Not last night but the night before by Colin McNaughton, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. Here's my review:

As for telling the time - we have a very battered, covered in dried bits of lunch copy of a Maisy book with a similar clock that M adored, and now J can't get enough of!

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