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October 4, 2009

My friend Leah at Avenues Mom recently wrote a post called "Tips for Two at the Library." In it, she mentioned how going to the library used to be a smooth and easy activity she shared with her daughter. Just this past year, she had another baby--a boy--and has gone from mother of one to mother of two. The library outings changed from easy to difficult as Luke, her son, was not content to sit quietly in his carseat while mommy and big sister perused the shelves at their leisure.

She writes that she didn't know what to do about the situation until about six months into the "mother of two" phase. That's when she started reading my blog. Here's what she says,

After 6 months with a second child, I had an epiphany that seems to be working. I have a friend who writes a blog doing book reviews of books she reads with her daughter (just a few weeks older than Abigail.)

Each week, I jot down some of those books & authors and either order them for the library to have on hold for me, or at least have my list handy so I can scan the shelves for those titles and hope they have them.

Now we can go to the library, switch out our books, enjoy whatever time we have left before Luke starts getting too noisy or the parking meter runs out, and then bolt as quickly as possible. It’s much more enjoyable since I don’t have to rush around trying to pick out decent books for the week all while keeping tabs on Abigail and bouncing Luke on my hip. (to read her full post, go here.)

Okay, it's me again! When I read her post, I was so excited! It made me happy to see that my blog was useful and in the way that I had hoped it would be. I love that she uses my blog to find great book suggestions and also that she "phones in" her order to the library in advance. How convenient to have them just waiting for you when you get there.

Reading her story has reminded me why I write this blog and has reignited my desire to make it the best it can be. I have been thinking about how I can be more organized and consistent with my postings. Below I have listed my thoughts. Some contain a follow-up question for you (Silly Eagle Book readers). Please leave a comment with your answers! I really need your feedback.

1. I want to post a list of all the books we check out from the library each week on Mondays. I will write a short review to give you an idea of what the book is about. That way you can scan the list and see all the books in one place, rather than look at each day's post for a new book. I am posting this list on Monday so that whatever day you happen to go to the library, you will have the list first thing at the beginning of the week. This should make "pre-ordering" the books easier.

Question for you: In the weekly lists, would you like to see images of the book covers or just the titles and authors? The covers are nice so you know what they look like, but sometimes a list is easier (and faster) reading material. Let me know. I am happy to do it either way.

2. I want to be more consistent with my activity ideas. It will be my goal to post one good activity idea each week with a book from that week's reading list.

3. I want to share the books I find on my "book-hunting" expeditions. This lets me share books from our home collection and gives you a glimpse into my personal taste.

4. I want to write at least one review a week about a vintage book that we own and love. I think I will do this on Thursdays for the most part.

5. I want to post more thematic reading lists--I will be rounding up books that relate to a certain topic and putting them all together in one place. I'll try to do one of these every two weeks or so.

Question for you: What topics would you like to see posted? What things are your kids interested in? Fire trucks, Cows, Fairies, etc..? Let me know so I can look for what you need.

Thank you, Leah, for writing such a lovely post about me and for giving me some things to reflect on.


classgeek said...

These all sound like great ideas and I am looking forward to seeing them. I do the same thing with your posts, while leaving open your website I look for the books online at our library and place the ones they have on hold. Having three children under the age of 5 makes the library quite interesting.

Personally I like the pics of the covers and the title and author. I like to check them out on amazon and take a look inside and being a visual person I like knowing I have the right book by pic, but that is just me.

As for interests my guys all have varied interests and sometimes it changes hourly,so we really enjoy the variety you have on here. On a personal quest I would like to see if you find any books that help other children understand autism also understanding all the ways people are different.

Leah said...

Thanks for including us in your post! I think I like seeing the book covers for the same reasons mentioned above.

Abigail always loves stories about animals. I was surprised to learn that seh thought Wombat Walkabout was scary. I loved that book but to her, the dingo was "scary" and she would hide under her blanket.

We're talking to her more about places around the world and show her on a map where we live and sometimes where Kenny travels. Any stories about other countries would be great!

Also, with the holidays coming up, I'd love some stories that help share the traditions and meanings behind them.

Thanks for posting! We love your site.

vanessa said...

Thanks for your feedback, David and Leah. I am with you on the book covers, so I will keep including them as often as possible.

Leah-So sorry that Wombat Walkabout scared Abby! I can see how it could be scary--Sometimes I wonder if something like that will scare juliet and I watch carefully as I am reading, but we have yet to find the book that frightens her--I was somewhat concerned with the Madeline books, but she doesn't mind the "scary" parts one bit. Every kid is different--I'll try to remember to write something about potential scary aspects of books if I think of them.

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