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October 1, 2009

I've mentioned before that Juliet really started getting into Mother Goose rhymes a few month ago. She loves to sit and read them and also act them out. It is not an unusual occurrence for her to run up to me, kiss me on the cheek, and say, "I'm Georgie Porgie!" (I'm expected to cry at this point. )

I hit up a few kids consignment sales the other week and found a few new Mother Goose books to add to our collection. This first one pictured is a really beautiful collection illustrated by Sylvia Long. All the characters are animals, so it is different that the ones we already have. It's quite beautiful and I found Juliet looking at it on her own yesterday, so it must be good. 

The second one is a board book of Hey Diddle Diddle. It was only a quarter, so I got it, even though it's really aimed more at babies. 
Juliet is always singing this rhyme and she especially likes to play "the dish and spoon." I am always the dish and she is the spoon. She says the whole rhyme, then grabs my hand and we run away together. The other day, I was making dinner and she walked up to me and said, "Hello, dish." I guess to her I'm the round one. 

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