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October 2, 2009

TRY AGAIN SALLY JANE by Mary Diestel-Feddersen, Illustrated by Yvonne Ashby

This book made Juliet laugh, so I thought I would share it. A little girl is roller skating for the first time and she crashes into the pond. She gets frustrated and says, "I'll never learn how to skate."

A frog, whose toe she has just run over, hops/hobbles up to talk to her and she tells him, "Skating isn't as easy as it looks." To which he and a host of other animals reply by explaining how their lives are not exactly easy either and then they encourage her to keep trying.

The animal's pep talk to Sally Jane made Juliet giggle every time we read it.

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The Activity Mom said...

Great review! I really enjoy reading book reviews by other moms instead of picking a book up if the front cover gets my attention =). Thanks for visiting my blog and the awesome pom pom caterpillar idea! B would love doing that and I have some squiggly eyes waiting to be used.

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