fall poetry for your preschooler: activity ideas

October 27, 2009

Here are two more fall poetry selections and activity ideas from Douglas Florian's Autumblings

We read the poem The Owls and used our "bird toys" to act it out.

The Owls

Barn Owl.
Barred owl.
Spotted owl.

Elf owl.
Horned owl.
BIG eyes each.

All form nature's Owlphabet.

I LOVE that last line--Owlphabet. How clever. Here's a close up of the page I photocopied from my copy of Introducing Our Eastern Birds by Matthew F. Vessel & Herbert H. Wong, Illustrated by Ron King.
Here is our "owlphabet"--I didn't have a picture of all the owls mentioned, but it was still a good visual aid in getting a two-year old to sit still and listen to a poem.

Another day, we read Awe-tumn together.


When summer's seams
Have come undone,
then greens to reds
and purples run.
a palette falls
To forest floor,
and autumn leaves
Leave me in awe.

This next activity idea was inspired by a page in the book (as well as the words in the poem):

After reading the poem, we went on a leaf walk--basically, just walked through our neighborhood looking for pretty leaves. Once I explained that we were looking for certain colors, Juliet seemed to catch on and get excited about it. She would spot a red leaf and exclaim, "Oh, here's a red one!" Then totally on her own, she said to me, "My favorite color of leaf is red. What is your favorite?" I said, "Yellow." She thought for a minute and then said, "What's your SECOND favorite?" I said, "red." And that seemed to satisfy her. It was really cute.

After we collected a fair amount, we brought them home and did our craft. I cut out a simple palette shape from yellow construction paper and squeezed some white Elmer's glue into a dish. I gave Juliet a paint brush and told her to glue them onto the palette. She had so much fun with this. Glue activities generally go over well at our house.

I tried gluing a few down, just to see what it was like, and several of our drier leaves crumbled almost instantly. We found that the fresher leaves (the more green) did better with the gluing process. (An even BETTER option would have been to press the leaves before trying to work with them, but we didn't want to wait.) So, you can see we didn't get many of our prettier ones on there, but we still were able to enjoy them (before they crumbled into dust).

Juliet's fall palette.

Anyone have any good leaf ideas? I'd love to hear them. We've added this leaf painting activity to our list of things to do from Brimful Curiosities...


Ana said...

I love this idea Vanessa. so cute :) Thank you

whisperingwhispers said...

I love this, I will have to remember it for next year! We are already into Winter here and Selena is tired of reading about Autumn. Great ideas though!

Zoe said...

I was just looking today for a new poetry book for my eldest so this was a gift of a post for me! I hadn't heard of Douglas Florian before - but now I've looked around a bit more he sounds right up our street.

Katy said...

I've been seeing all kinds of fun leaf activities lately. Here's one that looks fun: Fall Leaf Crayon-Resist Watercolor

I thought this was really cute, although there isn't a whole lot that young ones can do on it beyond helping to gather the leaves. Autumn Leaf Garland

Chels said...

We checked this book out weeks ago because of your recommendation and finally read it tonight. It was great and I can't believe I've never ventured into the poetry category before with my kids. My 6 year old appreciated it more than my 3 year old but I did read all the poems in one sitting.

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