fall poetry activity idea: for the birds

October 22, 2009

from Autumnblings by Douglas Florian

I found this book of fall poetry--it is amazing, but probably aimed more at elementary school-aged children. However, Juliet and I found three or four poems that we enjoyed together. I thought I would share them with you. This is the first one.

Birds of Autumn

And Owl.
Screech owls screech.
Horned owls scowl.
Guess the others
Flew away.

Activity Idea:
I couldn't resist photocopying some pages of birds from two of my vintage bird books. I found all the birds mentioned in the poem, glued them onto stiff scrapbook paper, and then laminated them with contact paper. Juliet had fun playing with these "bird toys" as she called them. We read the poem several times and she picked up and held each bird when it's name was read. I think we both learned a few new bird names doing this. Now I know what a starling looks like.
Here's a picture of the back--you can see the scrapbook paper backing.

Here is one of the books I used: Birds Around Us by Marjorie Stuart. The other is called Introducing Our Eastern Birds by Matthew F. Vessel & Herbert H. Wong. It's so amazing I have to dedicate an entire post to it. Look for it soon!

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