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October 21, 2009

Activity Idea: Orange by Sarah L. Schuette

So, this was probably the easiest, cheapest, and required the least amount of preparation activity I have ever done with Juliet. I didn't even have to use any brain power to think it up because it was printed in the back of this book.

Here's what you need:
ziploc bag

Here's what you do (after reading the book together):
Place two tablespoons of ketchup and two tablespoons of mustard into a ziploc bag. Close it up. Let your child mix the two together until they make ORANGE.

OR if you are lazy, like I am, just let your kid squirt whatever amount (who needs measurements?) into the bag, close it TIGHTLY (I may be lazy, but I am not stupid.) and let her go to town on it.
As Juliet was squirting the ketchup, I asked her what color it was. Then I asked her what color the mustard was. Before she started mixing, I asked her to guess what color it would make. Even though, she already knew that mixing red and yellow would make orange, she still thought it was fun and I think the whole color-mixing concept will really stick in her head after this hands-on experience.

So, there you have it. Easy, no prep, with stuff you already have in your kitchen. The only downside was that after mixing the orange, Juliet asked if we could make another color. Uh-oh. Wasn't ready for that one. I told her we would have to do it another day. She specifically requested purple, so maybe we will try some sort of food coloring fun tomorrow. I really need to get that Purple book and see what they suggest!

Anyone else have any good color-mixing ideas?


Angel said...

What about white yogurt and grape juice?

Annie said...

What about Mayonaise and Grape Jelly? nasty....but fun!

Thank you for these ideas! I don't think my Lizzie has learned yet that colors mixed together create different colors, so this will be a really fun activity!

ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

What a clever idea and simple with things we have in our homes. Thanks for sharing this suggestion!

vanessa said...

Thanks for the good ideas for purple--we ended up mixing blue and red bath tablets in her bath that night, so it satisfied the purple craving. Mouse Paint is how she learned about mixing colors--it's a great book.

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