top 10 things that entertained my two year old on a plane

September 15, 2009

Just got back from a really fun trip with my family this weekend--while on the plane today, I realized that I needed a topic so I could get in on the top ten tuesday fun at!

Inspired by my surroundings, I came up with "the top ten things that kept my daughter entertained whilst on a 3 hour plane ride." Also known as "the longest title for a top ten list ever". 

Here are the items, in random order...

(Come on, you knew the first one HAD to be a book. I promise it's the only one!)
*I found this at a thrift sale a few weeks ago and tucked it away for a rainy day or a 3 hour plane flight. Since it is a collection of books wrapped up in one, it kept us busy for quite a while. I am especially fond of vintage illustrations, so it was right up my alley. Juliet seemed to like it too.

2. Rubber snakes
*This is the way I like my snakes on a plane--small and fake. I think I bought these in the party favor section at Wal-mart last Christmas. They are about 3 inches long and come in many different colors--red, blue, yellow, pink...I put them in her travel backpack and we only get to play with them when we are traveling. She loves them because they are good for throwing in the air and also on the head of the lady sitting in front of us. 

3. Mini-slinky 
*Maybe this one is called slinky jr...I really can't remember, but whatever it is called, it is good for at LEAST 10 minutes of fun. Juliet asked for it by saying, "Where's my slinky malinki?!!!" (ha, got another book reference in there! I can't be stopped!)

4. Stickers
*These are always fun--I usually get some new ones for each trip we take. This time I found some Hello Kitty ones in the dollar bins at Target. Hello Kitty is ALWAYS a hit. We had fun sticking these onto our shirts, our pants, the tray table...pretty much anything we could get our hands on.

5. Mini Notebook and Crayons
*A classic. I expected this one to last for a lot longer than it did, but instead of using one page and drawing a carefully crafted drawing, Juliet decided to make one mark (a small line) on EVERY page. Thus, we were done with this activity after a mere 2 minutes. sigh. I had such high hopes for this one. 

6. Blanket and Favorite Stuffed Animal
*I brought a blanket (in case the unthinkable occurred and Juliet decided to take a nap on the plane) and her favorite lovey (a small puppy). No naps for Juliet, of course, but we did get a good 25 minutes of tucking puppy in for a nap under the blanket. 

7. Goldfish crackers
*Another never fail item--I can always count on the gold fish crackers or any snack food in general to keep Juliet occupied for a few quiet moments. These are especially good for munching on and flinging around the cabin--especially onto the head of the lady sitting in front of us.  I'm not sure which she thought was worse...the rubber snakes or the crunchy cheddar crackers.

8. Play-doh 
*Another classic that was fun for a lot less time than expected. I think this only worked for 10 minutes...Opening and closing the tray table was a lot more fun and a lot more annoying to our dear snake-and-goldfish-bedecked friend in front of us.

9. Pink Hairbrush
*Tucked the brush into my bag in case Juliet's hair fell out of it's ponytail (as it does several times a day). Her hair managed to stay in place, but we enjoyed a nice "do mommy's hair" session in which my hair was alternately gently brushed and viciously beaten and tugged for about 15 minutes. At the end, she declared me to be "just gorgeous!" 

10. Make your own monster kit
*I found this at the dollar bin at Target--It had four outlines of a monster head and a sheet of stickers with different eyes, noses, mouths, ears, etc.. Juliet had  A LOT of fun picking out facial features and placing them just so onto her monsters. After she finished the last one, she asked for more! Sadly, all I had left were more goldfish...

Anyone else have good ideas for entertaining your kids on the plane? Leave a comment and let me know your secrets! 

And just because I can't help myself, here's a vintage airplane book that is one of our favorites: The Airplane Book by Edith Kunhardt

It's one of the few books we've found that actually shows the inside of an airplane. It's out of print now, so you might have to look for it at a thrift store/used book seller. 


oh amanda said...

Love this list, Vanessa! And what is UP with the draw one line on every coloring page? Lydia does that same thing? We don't do a lot of coloring books around here for that same reason! :)

The first time I took Lydia on a plane she was 6mo (or so) and I only brought 3 books to entertain her. Her favorite then was I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child. Sadly, Asa can't even make it through one page of that book.

Becky said...

Were you here???

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What great tips!
I think I had more food than anything the last time I traveled on a plane with a little one. Goldfish (standard, of course), chewy things for ears and lots of smallish things that would hopefully last for a while.
I was just hoping and praying that the people around me would not give me THAT look when I walked down with a baby. Not that it matters, but I had given THAT look before my days with children, so I didn't want to receive it. And I did.
But, the people I sat next to on all my flights were wonderful! A God Send, for sure!
Love your list!

Leah said...

Oh my, we bring her small Dora backpack and I throw all sorts of stuff in it. Recently, her little people friends (Sarah & Sonya) were a big hit. I also gave in to culture and brought out the mini-DVD player when I was out of all other options. Other than that, we bring the same kind of stuff - new coloring book, a couple crayons, a new book to read, play doh, new snacks and stickers. Oh the fun. We currently have no plans to fly and for once I'm not sad about it. :)

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