felt storyboard and book

September 4, 2009

A classic counting book that never gets old. We read this one A LOT at our house. I came across this cute felt story board from glitterful felt stories. (found via written windows)

I could see Juliet having a lot of fun with this one. A very crafty person could probably make one of these...getting all the apples to be uniform in size seems like the trickiest part...I might give it a go, though!


Annie said...

I love that book. We read that a ton when I was a little girl. I love the idea of a felt board, that would allow my 2 year old to really get into the book with her hands. Thank you for posting this!

vanessa said...

You're welcome! It looks like a fun idea. Let me know if you make one--I'd love to see it.

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