Rain Gutter Book Shelves: Tutorial

September 17, 2009

You know those shelves they have in classrooms and libraries where the book cover faces you when you look at it instead of the spine?

I found a great step-by-step tutorial that explains how to make your own using rain gutters. It looks really great--I think I'll try it when we move Juliet into a big girl bed. Right now, things are just too crowded with our reading chair, bookshelf and toddler bed. 

Let me know if anyone tries this!

Rain Gutter Book Shelves: Tutorial

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Leah said...

Those are great, thanks for sharing! We have no wall space in the kids room. :( I'll remember this though for the future.


Annie said...

We are adding onto our house, putting 2 more bedrooms in. I am totally saving wall space for this. What a great idea! thank you so much for posting this link

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