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September 15, 2009

We own a lot of books, but the reviews I write on this site are usually of books I checked out from the library. I am starting to review more of our own books, but it will take me a long time to catch up.

Along with the library books, we regularly read from our own collection. Some of our very favorites are ones we own. I wanted to share them with you, but the list is pretty overwhelming. I am breaking it up by listing them according to when we purchased them as I usually only buy books that are developmentally appropriate for Juliet at whatever stage she is in. (Having said that, what I think is developmentally appropriate doesn't usually match up with the recommended age on the book jackets. But they all worked for us; that's all I can say.)

Although I have divided them into age categories, please don't let that limit how you use them. Juliet is now two, almost three, and we still read some of the books we bought for her as a baby and toddler. Some are so good they span multiple age levels, so please don't be limited by my labels. I like to think of them as for 0-12 months and up, 12-24 months and up, and 24-36 months and up because most of them are good enough to keep reading for years to come.

Here are links to lists of the books on our shelves in our home library:

[Illustration by Gladys Rourke Blackwood from Geraldine Belinda by Marguerite Henry, published 1942]

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