make your own halloween costume book

September 4, 2009

Here's a fun activity idea for fall--it turned out a lot better than I expected, so I thought I would share it with you. 

I received a Halloween Costume catalog ( in the mail earlier this week and was flipping through it as Juliet took a painfully long time to finish her lunch. She was taking her sweet time, so I started cutting out some of the little kid costumes. 

By the time she finished eating her 2 grapes, one piece of cheese, and a potato chip (I think it took about 25 minutes to get these down) I had cut out quite a collection. 

I had some dividers from an old college notebook in my paper stash, so I cut them in half and tied them together to make a book.
Then I gave Juliet some glue and let her glue them onto the pages. On normal days, Juliet begs me to use glue and is never satisfied by the measly glue projects that I have for her. She always wants MORE!  But of course, this day, she got bored with the glue after only three or four costumes. I thought maybe my idea was not so great now.

But I continued gluing the rest down and then used a purple marker to write all the names of the costumes underneath the kids. (Meanwhile, Juliet was trying to "fish" for our cat and/or/also dumping out all the toys we own all over the living room. )

The final product is not that spectacular in appearance, but it is a huge winner in that Juliet has had so much fun "reading" it all week long. After we cleaned up the living room, I showed her the finished product and she immediately, picked it up and began reading it to me. 
Here are some favorites: a princess and a bee pup.
Little miss muffet and a sheep--
Here our home-made book sits proudly with the other "real" books. 

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