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September 1, 2009

In my dream world, I would be skilled and crafty enough to sew up a beautiful halloween costume for Juliet. But the reality for me (and unfortunately for her) is that we will probably buy one that is already made. (In fact, I already snagged a beautiful Snow White costume at a consignment store a few weeks ago, so I think we are set.)

But back to that dream world. Even though I know I have no sewing skills, I still found myself inspired by this vintage Mother Goose book we've been enjoying lately illustrated by Bonnie and Bill Rutherford. 

The illustrations are so gorgeous and fun--and I thought I would share some of my favorites. Maybe YOU are one of those skilled people who can whip up one of these gems.
Little Boy Blue looking very dapper in his blue vest, jeans, and feathered cap. 
Three Men in a Tub--maybe you have three boys and want to do theme costumes? A butcher, baker, and candlestick maker? 
Jack and Jill--perfect for twins or siblings close in age. I love Jill's dress and pink bows. 
Deedle, Deedle Dumpling, my son John--Remember that kid in elementary school who would always show up on costume day wearing cut-up jeans and a white t-shirt all colored with a permanent marker and maybe some fluorescent hair paint? And when you asked him what he was he said, "a punk", but you knew that he totally forgot to tell his mom it was costume day. She probably told him he better come up with whatever he could with what they had available--and this "punk" costume was the result? 

Well, this one reminds me of another option for that ill-prepared kid: all he has to do is wear his regular clothes, and just wear one shoe. It's perfect. It's a costume. And it requires no prep. Heck, he could even pull this one together on the bus!
Hey Diddle Diddle--Juliet and I are always playing this one out--I"m always the dish. She's the spoon. A fun one for twins again or siblings. Cat and the fiddle? Easy! I might even be able to "make" this one for juliet. Get some cat ears, a little tail, draw the whiskers on and give her a fiddle!
Pat-a-cake--Baker's Man--An apron and a baker's hat--splash some flour on his/her face and you are done....
Georgie Porgie--Love this one. The dresses on the girls are so beautiful. These are the ones I wish I could sew for Juliet.
Sing a Song of Sixpence--baker with 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie--might be a fun one...
The queen in her parlor--eating bread and honey--I like her dress--a fun one for a girl. 
Old King Cole--requires some sewing skills, but could be fabulous. 
The Fiddler's three--maybe you have a little fiddler who would like to be one of these guys...but maybe not. The tights might rule these guys out. I still think they are cute, though. 
Wee-Willie-Winkie--a long nightshirt, nightcap, and a little lantern? So cute. 

Did you find your costume idea? 

If nothing else, I hope you enjoyed the illustrations! This is a really good book--we've gotten a lot of use out of it lately.

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Lady of Letters said...

wow, these illustrations look really familiar! I wonder if I had a book with illustrations done by the same illustrators? I'll have to research the Rutherfords...this just might lead me to a newly remembered Well-Loved Tale from my childhood!

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