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September 21, 2009

The books I review are ones that Juliet and I read together, so you know that they are kid- as well as mother-approved. There have been several times that I have thought a book was great, but Juliet did not, so I did not add it to this site. How do I know if she likes a book or not, you ask? Here's my secret method:

I read a book to her and I look for one of the following reactions:

A. She sits quietly, listens, laughs, interacts with the story=she likes it.

B. She shakes her head back and forth vigorously, slaps the book out of my hand, screams, and/or begins beating me over the head with a stuffed unicorn=she does not like it.

It's a pretty official method and it's easy to use. Try it sometime. I think you'll be pleased.

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[Illustration from back cover of The True Book of Trees by Illa Podendorf, Illustrated by Richard Gates, published 1954]

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