the perfect book for the first day of school

August 12, 2009

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

This one opens with Splat the Cat wide awake in bed, worried about his first day at Cat School. (I remember that anxious feeling all too well even though it has been years since my first day at school.) 

Splat's mom tells him to get up, but he hides under the covers. She tells him to get dressed, but he claims to not have any clean socks. "You don't wear socks." she informs him. 

He tries several other tactics to get out of going to school, but to no avail. Mom wins. Splat goes to school and brings along his pet mouse (in his lunchbox) to keep him company. 

When he gets to school, Mrs. Wimpydimple (his teacher) welcomes him warmly and begins enlightening him on the amazing qualities of cats. She informs the class that cats are "clever, cunning, and quick." Then she tells them that cats chase mice. 


You can imagine where this is going. 

I won't totally spoil the ending, but the last page has Splat lying in bed on the second day of Cat School--he's wide awake with excitement this time. 

You're little cat lovers will love this one. Also, I think it would be really good to ease some of the first day of school anxiety that kids sometimes have. 

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