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August 14, 2009

Fast Food by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers

My friend Angel suggested we pick this one up at the library. Actually, she suggested a whole list of books, but this is the only one from her list that was available this week. 

As I searched the shelves for the books on her list, I realized it is difficult and often times disappointing when your library doesn't have the book you are searching for. It made me rethink how I share books with you. My hope is that you can find most of these books at your local library and if not there, then the images of the book covers will help you recognize and remember the titles when you are rummaging through book bins at thrift stores. Any suggestions you have that would make these reviews more helpful to you would be appreciated!

So, back to the book...

If you look closely at the cover, you'll see that there is a little radish man driving a cucumber car...this is only the beginning, my friends. 

Inside you and your child will be delighted by mushroom and onion people, a cauliflower santa riding in a pear sled (complete with his ginger reindeer), a squash bus full of radish people (juliet's favorite), and a zucchini train to mention a few. 

The pictures are fascinating and inspiring. In fact, they inspired this activity idea. Unfortunately, Juliet is a bit too young for this one as it involves handling a cutting tool, but I plan on doing this with her in the near future (or far future, depending on when she's ready to cut vegetables with a dull knife...)

Activity Idea: Create your own food people and vehicles!

Let your kid play with her food! Gather food items found in the pages of this book (peppers, cucumbers, apples, squash, radishes, etc.) and make your own food vehicles and people to ride in them. You can use the ones in the book as models and just copy them or let your imagination run wild and make ones of your own.

 I'd love to see pictures if anyone does this activity. 

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