a favorite bedtime book to read with your baby

August 7, 2009

This is one of my very favorite bedtime books to read with babies and toddlers. A neighbor gave us their old copy when Juliet was a baby and it quickly became a favorite. We read it almost every night when she was very young. 

"It's time for bed little mouse, little mouse, 
Darkness is falling all over the house. 
It's time for bed little goose, little goose, 
The stars are out and on the loose. "

The rhyming text is soothing and comforting--it literally lulls you to a sleepy, dream-ready state. It's also memorable--you'll find your child remembering the words and "reading" it to you after just a few readings. 

I'm a big Mem Fox fan--she has a great website with background stories for all her books (how she came about writing them) and also has a page where you can click on a link and listen to her read aloud. 

We still find ourselves quoting this book to each other. Just tonight, Juliet said, "It's time to sleep, little sheep, little sheep" to me as I was getting her ready for bed. 

So I had to come down here and tell you about it. :)

Sweet dreams...

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