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July 31, 2009

[What could be more delightful than receiving a box of books in the mail? Juliet opening a box of old books sent from my friend Dawn.]

hey there, book lovers!

I found a great new blog today called Book'em Bob--and the post I am linking to here will be useful to anyone who loves books, not just children's books. (becky, jenny, etc...my faithful followers who read this blog just because they are my friends.)

He had a VERY detailed post on book swapping sites. I have been wondering about how these sites work for awhile, so it was great for me to read. The basic idea is that you list books that you don't want to read again, wait for someone to request them, and then ship them out (on your dime). Every time you send someone a book, you earn a credit with which you can use to get some books you want from someone else's list for free!

I had heard about paperbackswap.com before, but the other ones were new to me. Like I said earlier, Book'em Bob lists all the details, so you should read his post if you are interested in learning more. 

Another idea I have for getting books is just ask around of friends and families. I know my mom was happy to unload all our old childhood books and my friend dawn sent juliet a huge box of her old childhood books. I'm always surprised at how our neighbors (most people we don't even know!) are so willing to dump their old books and baby items onto us. They are just happy to free up some space and find someone who will get some use and enjoyment out of them. So, ask around--you never know what you might turn up!

Hope this helps you get more of the books you love. 

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