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July 8, 2009

Princess Penelope by Todd Mack, Illustrated by Julia Gran

If you have a first born/only child daughter, chances are, she believes she is a princess already--you don't really need to tell her that. But even though she already knows it, she probably won't mind if you reinforce that fact through this book. 

Penelope, the little princess in this book, is quite certain she is a princess. She knows this because "the king and queen have to share a room and a bed, but she has her very own bed in her very own room, JUST LIKE A PRINCESS." She rides through town in her chariot (stroller) and is greeted by smiles and kisses by everyone she sees (even people she doesn't even know) and EVERYONE tells her she is beautiful...(sound familiar?) Juliet loved this one and I can think of quite a few other little princesses that would love it too--Seraphina, Bianca, and Stella to name a few. (don't they sound like princesses?)
Princess Baby by Karen Katz

I'm a big fan of Karen Katz books. Juliet has loved them since she was a baby--her illustrations are sweet and fun and very captivating to babies. And they always celebrate family and love which is always makes for good snuggle-time reading material with your little ones. 

This one is probably best suited for babies 12 to 24 months old, but Juliet still loved it (she's two and a half). 

A sweet little baby girl wonders why no one ever calls her by her real name. All day long it's "buttercup," "cupcake, " "little lamb" etc.  She asks that people stop calling her that and instead address her by her real, true name which is none other than "princess baby." Of course. 

Juliet always smiles a huge smile when the "princess baby" declaration is made. I think she is right there with that little girl and is thinking, "yeah, that's my name, too. " 

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