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July 17, 2009

Where Did Josie Go? By Helen E. Buckley, Illustrated by Jan Ormerod

We checked this book out earlier this year--after Juliet had just turned 2 years old. She was in a different stage of reading at the point--mostly, we were pointing at pictures and describing what we saw rather than reading all the words on the page. 

But even in that early stage, she still really loved this book. Told in "rollicking" rhyme. (that's what it says in the jacket flap--I swear I am not making this up.) It's a fun one to read to a young toddler. 

The main character is a little girl named Josie who is playing a game of hide and seek with her family. Each page shows the family searching for her, but you can always see her little toes peeking out from behind the jacket she is hiding behind or from under the table, etc.  

You can tell that her parents know where she is, but they are playing along, looking high and low for their little girl. 

Juliet loved the book when she was younger, but she never noticed the clues as to where Josie was hiding. But this time around (we checked it out again this week), she caught on right away!

"There she is!" she would exclaim delightedly as we turned each page. I think she could really identify with the whole concept of hide-and-seek this time around and enjoyed it all the more. 

The illustrations are beautiful and fun to look at. I think any child who loves a good game of hide-and-seek will enjoy this one. 

Activity Idea: Play Hide and Seek
Not very original, I know, but fun all the same. Have your child hide around the house and go find him! Then switch it up and you hide and have your child find you. If you don't feel like hiding, you could even hide a stuffed animal or doll somewhere and have fun searching for it together with your child. 

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