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July 2, 2009

Found some great books at goodwill this week! Some days the pickings are slim, but some days, you score big time. If you can stand musty smell (ben is violently opposed to this), you can find some really good stuff here. 

Along with my books, I also found a really cool book/magazine rack for $2. I have been searching for some sort of basket to corral the piles of books that grow next to my desk, but when I saw this little gem, I thought it would work even better than a basket. The day I found it, I thought I might spray paint it a different color, but the more I think about it, the more I like the green that it already is. 

So what did I find? 

Six volumes from the Britannica Discovery Library (pictured below)
I don't know how many books are in the series, but we nabbed:
  • The Time Book: This is the one that first grabbed my attention. It opens with the words, "Time to learn about time." ha. Time is not one of my strong points, in fact, it is debatable whether I can actually tell time now...ben would say "definitely not." but I think I can. sort of. Anyways, this book is really good at setting the stage for the concept of time. It shows pictures of clocks, times of the day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the days of the week, the months of the year, etc. Lots of material for a toddler or preschooler to chew on. 
  • The Numbers Book: Aside from the numbers 0-10, it also features the following concepts: the same as, more than and less than, adding, subtracting, number lines, and differences. The majority of the book is aimed at older preschool and school age children, but the pictures are so engaging, a toddler might get into them as well. We'll see how it goes with juliet.  
  • The Colors Book: Features mixing colors, history of art, fine art masterpieces (mona lisa, starry night, the persistence of memory, etc.)
  • The Shapes Book: Features kinds of shapes and real world examples of them all. 
  • The Outdoors Book: Introduces geography concepts, weather, seasons, and plants. 
  • The Sound Book: Features various sounds including musical instruments and animal noises. 
I am looking forward to reading these books with juliet because they are the kind of books that prompt discussions. You can curl up on the couch or in a chair and sit and look at pictures, read the words, and let your child bring up questions. Who knows what they will say or when something you've read about will pop up in real life. Juliet is notorious for reading a book with me and having nothing to say about it until days or weeks later when it just pops out. 

One example of this is the book Lottie's New Friend by Petra Mathers. One of the characters is Dodo who moves into town from Germany. We read this book many, many times before turning it into the library. A few weeks later, we were talking to my brother on skype. We noticed that he wasn't in his home, but in a hotel room. I asked him, "where are you?" and he said, "oh, I'm in germany." Juliet immediately said, "Oh! Just like Dodo!" 

They are always absorbing information and making connections even when you don't know. It amazes me every time. 

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