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July 27, 2009

Slinky Malinki Catflaps by Lynley Dodd

This is the second Slinky Malinki book we have checked out from the library. We loved the first one, but I think we might like this one even better. 

Slinky Malinki is asleep in his warm house one night, when he creeps out through the cat flap and into the night. He has a midnight rendezvous with all his other kitty friends (Greywacke Jones, Butterball Brown, Pimpernell Pugh, and Mushroom Magee, to name a few.) 

Everything is going well until the big meanie kitty, SCARFACE CLAW, shows up. Things get a bit loud--hissing, shrieking, and spitting loud until they pack of cats wake up the neighborhood and get shushed into silence. 

Slinky Malinki won't let the party die, though. He invites them all (minus the big meanie) back to his house to finish the evening by the warm fire. 

The story and illustrations are great, but the part Juliet likes the best is the cat fight--she joins right in with the hissing and spitting. It's get downright gnarly at times. Definitely a fun read-aloud book. Even better if you like cats. 

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Antmusic said...

Lynley Dodd's books are pretty hard to find in hardcover at reasonable prices, but I am always looking for them. They just don't stay on the shelves at the thrift stores, darn it!

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