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July 6, 2009

For Maisy Fans
Maisy Big, Maisy Small by Lucy Cousins
What toddler doesn't love Maisy? Juliet is a huge fan (as I've mentioned before); we have yet to meet a Maisy book that she doesn't like. To me, it seemed like this one was written more for babies--the text is very simple--but if you have a hardcore Maisy fan, you can't go wrong with this one. The illustrations are bright and colorful and the opposite concepts are clear and easy to understand. 
Bedtime Book:
Mother Night by Denys Cazet
It's time for bed for little bears, mice, ravens, and foxes--their mothers and fathers put them to bed, they dream their little animal dreams, and then awake to see the day break. The illustrations are fun to look at. We like the little ravens the best. 
For your little adventurer
The Way to Wyatt's House by Nancy White Carlstrom, Illustrated by Mary Morgan
This book starts out with a note that reads, "please come over and play! --Wyatt" The story that follows is about two siblings that tip toe out of their house, trek through the woods, climb over a fence, swish through a meadow, till they make it to Wyatt's house. Along with a loud greeting from their friend, the siblings are also welcomed by two goats, Iris and Buttercup, Jack the cat, and an assortment of other farm animals who are besides themselves with excitement to have the guests in their home. The three kids and multitude of animals play all day making as much noise as they want until the parents of the siblings show up to take them home despite the fact that they "had not run out of noise or games to play" yet. 

Juliet liked all the sounds/noises that the book celebrates and was truly intrigued at the thought of leaving the house on your own and going to a friend's house. She has asked to "play" this book several times this week. I'm usually Wyatt. Sometimes I'm a goat. It just depends. :)

A Book You Can Sing
The Aunts Go Marching by Maurie J. Manning
I love books you can sing--juliet does, too, so I feature them a lot here. We were excited to find this one at the library this week. The words are to the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again or maybe you are familiar with The Ants Go Marching One by One. This one is a spin off of the ants song and turns it into "aunts". A bunch of matronly looking aunts with raincoats and black umbrellas march through town with a little girl. Great for kids who love rain, umbrellas, and of course, rain boots. 
A Fun Summer Book
Frog by Susan Cooper, Illustrated by Jane Browne
During the summer, we spend most of our mornings at the neighborhood pool. This is the first book we have found that takes place at a pool (although, I am sure there are more out there.) In this one, a little boy named joe learns how to swim after he watches and saves a little frog that has fallen into his pool. It's a good book to read with your child if he or she is learning how to swim.  
For Your Independent Toddler aka The "I DO IT MYSELF! Book
Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Every mother who has parented a two year old at some time in her life will relate to this one.

Little miss Ella Sarah wakes up one morning and declares she wants to wear her pink polka-dot pants, her dress with orange-and-green flowers, her purple-and-blue striped socks, her yellow shoes, and her red hat. Mom, Dad, and big sister all try to get her to wear what THEY think she should wear, but Ella Sarah stands firm. She does indeed end up wearing exactly what she wants and when her friends arrive at the door for an afternoon tea party, they think her outfit is "just right." (Her friends also happen to be wearing outfits in the same fantastic style of miss ella sarah.) 

Juliet was positively DELIGHTED by Ella Sarah's outfit. She thought it was just right, too. 
A Snow Book
Dream Snow by Eric Carle
If you love Eric Carle, you will love this one. I know it is kind of crazy to be reading a snow/christmas book in july, but that's just how we roll. We can't resist them. 

This one is about a farmer who takes care of his animals, then falls asleep in his chair by the fire. He dreams of snow and then wakes up to find real snow on the ground outside. (As he is dreaming, there are clear plastic pages with snow on them that your child can turn to cover all the animals in a blanket of snow.) He puts on his winter gear (which looks a lot like santa's outfit), goes outside with a big red sack, and decorates a christmas tree for his animals. Then he presses a button and a christmas song plays...

Unfortunately, for us the library copy's button does not work anymore, so we have no idea what song it plays. Juliet didn't let the fact that it didn't work stop her from pressing the button every time we got to the end. So, evidently it is a hit with or without the music. 

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