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June 11, 2009

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats--another AMAZING book. This week at the library, we looked for more Keats books. We found two. This is our favorite for a couple of reasons. One reason, we love it is because it's beautiful. The other is because it has to do with snow and snow is something juliet cannot get enough of. Even though we live in a place where snow is quite scarce, she still loves it more than anything. It's june, and yet, her favorite game to play is "snow." We put on snow hats and mittens almost every morning and pretend her bedroom is a winter wonderland. We catch imaginary snowflakes on our tongues, make snow angels, go sledding, and even warm ourselves by the fire. (which happens to be her closet door.) Sometimes my hand gets too close to the fire (not really because I am not being careful, but more because she orders me to touch it.) and I am rushed to the hospital where doctor juliet performs life-saving treatment on me (bandages, ointment, shot, and elmo sticker) until I am "all better." And then we go out into the snow and do it all over again.

This book is about a little boy who wakes up one morning to find his world covered in snow. He puts on his snowsuit and runs out to play. Crunching through the snow, he makes his footprints go this way and that, he drags a stick through the snow, and then smacks a snow-covered tree with it. It captures all the fun kids have in the snow: snowball fights, climbing up a big hill and sliding down it, snowman, snow angels--everything! Juliet LOVES the snow angel part and also the part where he slides down the hill. After the first time we read it, I don't think she has let me read those pages because she is so excited, she just blurts out, "AND HE MADE ANGELS!" every time.

Later, Peter goes inside, takes a bath and thinks long and hard about his snow adventures. The next morning, he awakes and goes out into the "deep deep snow" with his friend from across the hall. You can read this one over and over again. It's wonderful. I am going to look for it on my book hunting ventures so I can add it to our home library.

In case you missed yesterday's post, check it out for another great keats book. Also, click here to sign your name to a petition to create a "Snowy Day" postage stamp--if you are into stamps. :)

More great snow book:

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan, Illustrated by Brenda Clark

This has been a favorite for a long time. A little girl builds a snowman, it melts, and she saves a part of it and builds him again when it snows some more. She does this all winter until spring comes and then waits till winter returns to build her friend again. Juliet loves to say, "He was a really good snowman and he lasted for a long time. "

The Snowstorm by Alois Carigiet, Illustrated by Selina Chonz is a beautiful book given to Juliet by my swiss sister-in-law, Anja. She tells us that it is a classic swiss kids book and she has fond memories of reading it over and over again in her childhood. She says all swiss kids read this one. She searched far and wide and finally found an English version to give to Juliet the last time she visited. Juliet of course LOVES it.

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