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June 22, 2009

I thought I would change up the format a little this week. Make it a little easier to read and use, hopefully. I've listed the books under categories and included a brief description. I also try to include age suggestions when appropriate. 

Here are some good books to check out this week: 

A beach book
Baby Bear goes to the Beach  by Lorette Broekstra
Baby bear builds a fabulous sand castle and goes on an underwater search for the perfect shell to go on top. (great for babies and toddlers)

A Family Book
Bunny Bungalow by Cynthia Rylant
A sweet book about a bunny family that finds a bungalow and makes it all their own by painting it green, putting a carrot weather vane on top, planting a garden, etc.  The story details the bunnies' daily lives in a comforting rhyme--just the perfect book for putting babies and toddlers in the mood for bedtime. 

Spanish book:
Off We Go to Mexico! by Laurie Krebs and Christopher Corr 
Take a trip to mexico and learn a few spanish words on the way. The illustrations are fun and most of the words are in English. Each page has about four spanish words and phrases with their english translations. It features the pyramids, mariachi bands, fiestas, markets, and more. The back of the book has a colorful map of mexico with both words and illustrations to mark key sites and cities. Very fun and easy for a toddler to enjoy even though it is aimed more at preschoolers and elementary aged children. 

Science book
Sun Snow Stars Sky by Catherine and Laurence Anholt 
A fun way to have discussions about weather, seasons, and climates with your baby, toddler, and preschooler.

For little girls: 
A is for Annabelle A Doll's Alphabet by Tasha Tudor 
This is one of our favorite ABC books--the drawings are beautiful and very, very girly!

Rosa's Room by Barbara Bottner
A beautiful story about a little girl who moves to a new house and works on making her new room her very own. In the end, she meets another little girl, Lili, and invites her to play in her room. Sharing her room with her new friend ends up being just the thing to make her new room feel like her own. Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Two Bug Books
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle 
Grouchy Ladybug has no manners and wants to fight everyone he sees--in the end, learns some manners and a little bit of humility. If you are ready for it, this one also reinforces time concepts--there are small clocks in the corner of the pages showing the times events are occurring in the story.

The Beeman by Laurie Krebs 
Fascinating book about a little girl and her grandpa who is a bee man. Learn about the protective clothing, shallows, smokers, kinds of bees, honey, and more fun stuff. Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Health Book
Tissue, Please! by Lisa Kopelke 
Frog and his friends have sniffly noses--eventually they learn to use tissues instead of the backs of their arms. Always a good skill to reinforce. :)

Zoo Book
Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles
Funny story about an emu who is tired of being an emu. He sneaks into the seals', lions', and snakes' cages trying to be the best animal at the zoo until one day he hears a man say that the emu is his favorite. He hurries back to his cage only to find a new emu living there--a lady emu at that. Suddenly, things aren't so bad for edward in the emu cage. 

Bedtime Book
In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck 
To say I love this book does not even come close enough to expressing how I feel about it--this one is amazing. You HAVE to read it. Trust me, you will love it. It's so good that it makes me sleepy and ready for bed, and considering I have a slight insomnia issue, that's pretty impressive.

Make your toddler laugh out loud book
Lottie's New Friend by Petra Mathers 
Lottie the hen makes a new friend--Dodo from Germany--and her gentleman friend, Herbie the duck gets a little jealous. They have some adventures and eventually, Herbie comes to like Dodo as a friend instead of resenting her. Juliet giggled and giggled about this one--Herbie chokes on some lemonade and that is the funniest thing ever to a two year old--Dodo has a german accent, which as it also turns out is very humorous to young children. Who knew?

Happy reading!

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