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June 4, 2009

Cinnamon's Day Out-A Gerbil Adventure- by Susan L. Roth

Gerbil Adventure? How could anyone resist a title like that? We couldn't, that's for sure.

A silly little gerbil (cinnamon) chews himself out of his cage (as gerbils and hamsters are known to do) and has an adventure through the house. The story is told as he describes what he saw to his fellow gerbil friend snowball. First, he climbed down a mountain (a pile of books), nibbled on some grass (green carpet), took a drink from a pond (the dog bowl), was chased by a wolf (the dog), etc... until the giant (human) comes and carries him home to his cage. Snowball and Cinnamon are so overjoyed to be together again, they end the story with a nice furry hug, which brings on lots of "awwwwwssss" from me and Juliet.

The illustrations are all collages made from real wood chips, paper towel tubes, screen, wallpaper and wood. You can almost smell the cedar chips as you read this book.

Activity Idea: Make collages using bits of scraps you have lying around the house. Paper towel tubes, string, magazines, candy wrappers--just dig through your recycle bin and have your child come up with a masterpiece using what you have! Cheap, fun, and green.

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