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June 1, 2009

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Mice are usually a sure-fire winner when it comes to children's books and these three rodents are no exception. Three white mice mess around with some paint and find out that red and blue make purple and blue and yellow make green, etc... They play, mix colors, and paint, all the while hiding from a cat. Great fun.

Juliet was transfixed while we read this one and repeatedly asked for it throughout the week. During bath time, we were playing with our bath paint (which happens to be red, blue, and yellow) and she said, "look! it's mouse paint!" which brings me to this week's activity idea...

Activity Idea: Get some bath paint (we use the sesame street kind that we buy at target OR you can make your own by mixing two parts dish soap with one part corn starch. Add a few drops of food coloring to it and you've got some paint.) and have fun mixing colors just like the mice. Make a puddle of yellow and have your child use his fingers dipped in red as "mouse feet" to stir up the puddle until it turns orange. Repeat with other color combinations until your child tires of it or you run out of paint. Whichever comes first. My money's on you running out of paint first.

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