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June 15, 2009

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

So, I kind of have a thing for vintage kids books--in particular Golden Books. I don't know if it is because they remind me of the books I read as a child--a sort of nostalgic appreciation or if I am just inherently drawn to their style and feel. When we go book-hunting, I usually end up with a pile of old books that are not in the least bit appealing to juliet, but are almost irresistible to me. I am usually torn between using our budget to buy books she would actually read and the ones I just think are really pretty to look at. Sometimes, we get lucky, as with this one and we find one that I LOVE the looks of and she LOVES the story equally. Considering it is Margaret Wise Brown, we didn't really get that lucky because of course her books are good, but still. I was glad juliet liked this one. My last vintage purchase, while extremely beautiful, did not get juliet approval at all. In fact, if I pick it up and try to read to her, she reacts quite violently and screams, "NO!! Not that one!!!!" sigh. Maybe one day....

So, this one is a big hit with Juliet. A little bunny finds an egg. He tries to crack it open by kicking it, rolling it down a hill, and flinging nuts at it (awesome!). Nothing works, so he falls asleep. Then the egg hatches and out pops a duck. She tries to wake up the bunny by kicking him, rolling him down a hill, and throwing rocks at him. (tiny rocks, don't worry.) The little bunny eventually wakes up ( a good roll down a hill will do that for you) and asks the duck "where is my egg and where did you come from?" To which the duck replies, "Never mind that. Here I am. " The text goes on to say, "So the bunny and the duck were friends and no one was ever alone again." VERY satisfying to a two year old. We read it over and over again. It's great just before bed.

If you are into golden books too, I think you will love this blog called golden gems. The woman who writes it finds golden books and scans them onto her blog. You can gaze at all the beautiful illustrations for free--without having to sacrifice your child's book money on them. :)

Also, check out random house's golden books site for free printables and interactive games.

Oh, and I should mention that I got this gem at a local used book store for $1.99--it's a 1976 edition that is in remarkably good condition. Yay for cheap books!

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