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June 20, 2009

Dad, Aren't You Glad by Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Amy Wummer

Since Father's Day is tomorrow, I thought I should throw a daddy book out there. We came upon this one by chance in the library--it's pretty cute. The story is about a boy who tries to do all the things his dad usually does for him on his own. He pours the milk in the cereal (making a mess), takes out the garbage (the bag rips), etc... trying to help out his dad, but in the end only making more work for him. In the end he says, even though he still needs time to learn all the things his dad knows how to do, there is still one thing he can do just as well as dad--"smoooooooch-a-roo" and he gives him a big kiss on the cheek. 

We liked Aren't You Glad, Dad, but our favorite daddy book is My Daddy and Me by Amy Sklansky, Illustrated by Ard Hoyt

We started reading this one when juliet was around 12 months old and she still loves it. The rhyming text is very soothing for younger babies, but older toddlers love it as well. The illustrations show both daughters and sons spending time with their daddies, so it is perfect for both little girls and little boys. 

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