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June 17, 2009

Lullabies, an Illustrated Songbook Music Arranged by Richard Kapp

You might remember me mentioning this one a while ago--we found it at a thrift shop for $1, I think. It's turned out to be a big favorite of Juliet's. In fact, we have been singing from it every night for the past month.

I knew some of the tunes already, but was unfamiliar with most, so I took it with me to my parent's house (where my piano lives) and figured out most of them. My piano skills are mediocre at best, and I didn't find it very difficult to play any of the songs--so it is very accessible to those of us with limited musical ability.

I really love how each song is paired with some form of art--mostly paintings, but also some sculptures as well. Juliet likes to look at the pictures while we sing and she asks questions about the art. "Who is that?" "um...Isis and her son Horus." We've both learned new things from this book and that makes it extra good, in my opinion.

Juliet is such a fan of this one that if I dare try to merely sing to her without opening the book, she stops me and says, "No. I want lullaby book." But it sounds more like "wuh-wuh-bye." So cute.

If you want to hear the songs in the book, I believe their is a CD that you can buy that goes with this book, but for a free option, check out for music and lyrics, but no one actually singing with the music. It's a good way to get the music in your head so you can sing it on your own to your child. There are lots of different songs on this site, just click on the lullaby section and search through the titles which are listed alphabetically.

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