3 great bird books

June 23, 2009

Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles, Illustrated by Rod Clement

The illustrations in this book are wonderful. Juliet was totally entranced with the animals--she giggled at the seal, roared with the lion, and hissed with the snakes as Edward hops from one cage to another hoping to be the "best animal in the zoo." In the end, he heads back to the emu cage and meets Edwina a lovely girl emu. The story ends there, but I'm pretty sure there is another book out there called "Edwina the Emu". We will be looking for that one next time we go to the library.

I found directions for a cute emu paper plate craft. It looks easy enough to do with supplies you might already have around the house.

Lottie's New Friend by Petra Mathers

Okay, so we actually read another Lottie book before this one and loved it, but this is the one we have this week, so we'll start with it first. Lottie makes a new friend named Dodo who has just moved into the neighborhood from Germany. (I mention this only because Dodo happens to talk with a german accent and says things like, 'Ach, ze poor duck" and "Use zis hairpin, Herbie." Every time I do the Dodo voice, juliet giggles.)

Herbie is a little jealous and through the story, feels like a third wheel until one day he saves Dodo from being stuck up on her roof and she tells him that he's the apple of lottie's eye. At this point, he realizes that Lottie still loves him and even though she has a new friend, he's still her special friend.

Juliet LOVES this book. She loves all the silly little things Herbie does especially when he chokes on his lemonade. She points at him and laughs uncontrollably while attempting her own fit of coughing.

I can't tell you how many times we have played out the scene where Dodo is stuck on the roof and Herbie saves her. Juliet tells me to get up on the couch and "be dodo and I save you." So, I do and she comes and pulls me down to safety. Of course, I always join in by saying, "Oh Herbie, you are an angel!" in my best german accent.

Another great Lottie book is Lottie's New Beach Towel. Lottie and Herbie have a lovely beach adventure--it's full of great lines your child will be sure to repeat later such as, "Oh, I've got jelly on my belly." I think these are especially good for toddlers. Petra Mathers taps into their sense of humor perfectly.
It looks like there are two other Lottie books out there. We'll be checking them out soon, I'm sure.

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